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about  Sunshine

Sunshine de Castro is a freelance Lighting Designer and Electrician, currently based in New York, NY. Originally from the Philippines, Sunshine first found her love for theatre in elementary school, acting in the school play and watching telenovelas. She took quickly to lighting design and was enthralled at how science and art intersect in this design medium. For her, light is an essential storytelling vehicle. It is one of the first things we experience when we are born. She hopes to continue in the innately human tradition of storytelling; playing, exploring, and exemplifying it through light.

Sunshine graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design/Technology from California State University, Fresno as a President's Scholar, College of Arts & Humanities Scholar, and Dean's Medalist Nominee. Sunshine has worked in numerous community theaters in the Central Valley, at the Santa Fe Opera, the Juilliard School, and Broadway. 

As a woman of color in the industry, she is committed to emphasizing diversity and inclusion in her work, most recently in her undergraduate thesis "Lighting Design for All Skin Tones." Sunshine strives to be a voice to move the entertainment industry forward to include the perspectives and stories of many. 

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